Low tech ideas contd.

Hello everyone. I note that Eric Kerr has a post on low-tech/no tech ideas. These are just some thoughts I want to bounce off; not a full on proposal.

There’s this blog post by Adam Crymble (PhD from KCL) that got my interest a long time ago. The link to his post is here: http://adamcrymble.blogspot.sg/2007/11/how-to-get-feedback-from-your-exhibit.html

His idea was that the glass windows along university corridors could be used for non-electronic interactive displays. For example, you could set up a survey and put a strip of stickers for people to place their votes. So for a history of technology theme you might put up a blank poster asking students to vote for the ‘greatest technological invention of all time’ and give options such as ‘fire’, ‘wheel’, ‘metal tools’ and ‘sliced bread’ for humour and engagement. Then, at the conclusion of the survey maybe have a different poster each week to discuss the importance of each in some depth, in order of survey popularity. If you want to milk it further you could have a ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ vote for each of the weekly posters.

That’s just something I thought up but maybe it could stimulate much better ideas along the same lines. The idea is to gamify a non-electronic display to reach out and grab students’ attention.

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