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Wikipedia editing

I propose to lead a session on editing Wikipedia and wikis of a similar type.  I can present briefly on how the Wikipedia system works — notably that Wikipedia editors and articles have “histories” and therefore something like “reputations”.  We can edit articles, like the English article on THATCamp, or create an analogue in other languages, or edit related topics, or edit anything else.

One goal is to create accounts and develop the confidence and competence to edit again later.  Another goal is to take a look at, a closely related site which invites us to create and edit transcriptions of historic texts. This is a safe way to practice a non-native language, and to learn a historic topic.

Wikipedia and Wikisource editing can be a formal educational activity for students.  They get the satisfaction of writing or editing in a “published” format, where their work might be read and useful for years to come.  So a third goal is to develop the knowledge and confidence that this really can be done for a class.  I’m not an expert on this but the Wiki Educational Foundation can help set up materials and grading standards for a class. They have done it many times. Hopefully someone among us will have experience with wikis as classwork, and if not I can present what I know and introduce interested parties to the people and materials from Wiki Ed.

I’d welcome comments to pre-shape this potential session to be useful. Topics to edit? Have you used Wikipedia for class work?

#SHOT2016 Singapore

#SHOT2016 THATCamp will be held at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) on June 21st, 2016

This THATCamp is organized broadly around the theme of pedagogy and is associated with the Society for the History of Technology (SHOT) annual meeting.

This is the second THATCamp hosted in association with the Society for the History of Technology (SHOT) annual meeting.  Notes from #SHOT2014 THATCamp hosted at The Henry Ford are here.

Teaching about and with technologies in higher education is the broad topic for the SHOT 2016 THATCamp to be hosted at SUTD. The full-day workshop will be a place for historians of technology, STS scholars, undergraduate and graduate students, technology specialists and others to meet and share practices, materials, tools, methods, ideas and experiences relating to university pedagogy. While the exact schedule for the day will only be decided on the morning of the day itself, we expect there to be interest in technology as a topic as well as a medium (or set of tools) for teaching. The meeting will support a joint exploration of the pedagogies of history of technology and STS courses taught in different institutional contexts and geographical locales around the world. It will also support a joint exploration of how technological interventions such as MOOCs, social media, and smart classrooms affect (or should affect) such teaching.

Some questions that may be addressed by the group:


  • How can we successfully employ new technologies in our teaching? What is success in this context and what are some good examples that we can learn from?
  • Have we succeeded in creating generative loops between the treatment of technology as a topic and the way we’ve employed technology in our teaching? What are some good examples that we can learn from?
  • What are the implications of various technologies on pedagogical issues including memory, reading, plagiarism, and academic integrity?
  • What are some of the differences and points of convergence in pedagogies situated in different places? What travels (and where) and what does not?



The outcomes of this event will also be discussed during the main SHOT conference in a roundtable session.